About us

We are an IT company that creates technological and creative products for business

Our mission

Provide business with high-quality software products that help solve their problems and contribute to the achievement of goals.


We believe that everyone in the team has potential and rewarding experience, and everyone should be heard. Our team has a transparent relationship. We speak as it is: openly, sincerely. Everyone's opinion is important. People are the main value.

It is important for us and we support it:

Focus on results

Ability not to give up

Brand reputation

Devotion to high standards

Flaxen.Technology - is People

The most valuable resource in any company is people. How the business will grow and develop depends on them, so we are careful about team building. Each of our employees is a professional whom we value and encourage to become the best every day.

It is important for us and we support it:

Committed to continuous growth and learning

A positive outlook on the world

Indifference, self-motivation, empathy


Combination of creativity and qualifications aimed at improving the quality of your business. Our experience and expertise helps to find the best solutions in each case.

Each of us invests in the project as in our own, to get the maximum result

We build long-term relationships based on responsibility and trust.

How can we help you?

UX strategy

Study design

UX Audit


User experience

Usability testing


Back-end / Front-end

Android / iOS

Cross-platform apps


p: +380 50 740 7312

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