Preliminary site audit

We will tell you how to prepare your online store for promotion before advertising launch

Dialogue in the client's language

Our specialist has a built-in google translator from an expert language to an accessible one. You will understand, even if you haven’t dealt with contextual advertising before!

Competent prioritization

We will select the optimal promotion plan based on your request

Not faster, but better

We do not communicate the WOW-effect from the first day of advertising, but thanks to a well-thought-out strategy and optimization in the first month you will see the result

Start today to be in the TOP tomorrow

While you are deciding whether to use contextual advertising for your store, competitors overtake you in all positions
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What do you get

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Clustering by service / product categories
  • Terms of reference for setting goals in Google Analytics
  • Setting up and launching advertising campaigns
  • Set up ads for the Display Network
  • Analysis of advertising within 2 weeks

Get a free analysis of current contextual advertising and a report with opportunities to improve traffic

In addition to advertising analysis, you will receive:

  • Forecast of possible site and advertising indicators
  • Internet marketing audit
  • The exact cost of the system

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Question answer

What is contextual advertising?

You come across it every time you search for something in a search engine. Paid ads will always be on the first positions in the search results for your request. Not everyone notices the "Advertising" mark on them, but the links of TOP positions are always opened first, because:

Что вы получите:

  • too lazy to scroll further;
  • hooked on a tempting offer;
  • no time for long searches, etc.

So this "Advertising" does not appear there by itself - ads are set up by a Google Ads specialist. And they are seen by those who are already looking for a specific product or service in a search engine

Is PPC advertising right for me?

If you have a website, online store or social media page and want to be found on Google, then contextual advertising is exactly what you need.

In which niches does this promotion method work best?

Contextual advertising is suitable for both expensive goods and services, and for businesses with a relatively low cost of goods / services, but high margins.

What types of contextual advertising are there?

Search engine

Search engine advertising. Its main advantage is that such advertising can be customized for specific user requests and gradually weed out ineffective keywords .

These are banners on Google partner sites. Ideal for brand awareness and customer loyalty. Another plus is its relatively low cost per click.

Video advertising

Videos embedded in YouTube videos. A spectacular visual way to present yourself to an audience with interests relevant to your business


Specific products offered to users in the search engine results. It is very convenient for owners of online stores, because in Google merchant you can connect the entire catalog of your products and spin ads for relevant requests

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