We conduct interviews in order to collect as many injections as possible on your business project and, on their basis, create a prototype of the application

Elaboration of User Flow

We work out behavioral scenarios that lead to targeted actions and make the prototype clickable

UX creation

We work out the UX of all screens and elements for maximum user comfort

UI creation

We create the design of the application and all graphic elements and design the UI Kit for each platform


We work out separate components for each platform, taking into account versions and screen resolutions
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Mobile app design is the perfect solution if you need:

Make the application modern

Redesign legacy design and make it easier for users to interact with it

Add new features

Introduce new features: checkout, online chat, user support and more

Create your application

When developing a new application, it is very important to design it correctly and prototype the user experience

Simplify the interface

blocks.Удобный и продуманный UX, чтобы пользователь возвращался снова и снова

Improve customer service

The mobile application improves customer service by providing many opportunities for communication

Enhance the company's image

Trendy design and impeccable UX speaks of the seriousness of your company and respect for your customers
Latest projects

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