Defining the task

Finding out what task the bot should solve and how it will do it


Create a bot communication style, command interface and basic bot responses

Scenario development

Describing user scenarios and bot reactions to them

Реализация API

We connect API, register a bot, configure and integrate with other services

Run and debug

We take the bot out of test mode, test scenarios and set up analytics
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Chatbot is the ideal solution for:

Online store

Information about goods, registration and tracking of the order, notifications about promotions, news, novelties

Service sectors

Online registration for services, information about services and their cost, reminder of the appointment at the right time

Internal training

Collects feedback from employees, conducts tests and surveys, notifies about company news

Process automation

They process incoming requests, distribute them between managers, inform clients

Restaurants, cafes

Informs the user about dishes and drinks in the menu, accepts orders for delivery or pickup, informs about promotions, news and novelties

Customer service

Help clients easily find the information they want, advise on a problem, answer frequently asked questions
Latest projects

Development of a wholesale online store of door and furniture accessories

Хочу билет

Website development for a concert agency

Web design, Seo


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